One must sacrifice much to achieve goals. Dreams, family, and lovers may be cast aside in the pursuit of what really matters

Primary Statistic: Mentality
Power Source: Primal Energy
Starting Health: 4
Spell Charges: Mentality
General Skill Ranks: 3 per level
Skill Bonus: +2 Knowledge (any)
Starting Equipment: Spellbook

The warlock shares many commonalities with the mage, but its true power and horror lie in the path of the Warlock’s Bane. As the caster’s soul is bound to its patron and withers, so too does life force of the warlock’s focus crumble to naught.

Warlocks may use all mage spells
Warlocks may prepare a number of spells equal to their Mentality bonus
Warlocks can expend a maximum number of charges per round equal to their level + 1
Prepared spells may be exchanged after studying a spellbook for two hours
Warlocks replenish spell charges after resting six hours
Warlocks are unable to use Wizard Staves
Warlock spell casting is boosted by increasing his Curse Onus
Warlocks wearing armor suffer a casting attack penalty equal to the armor’s deflection penalty

Contain a varied number of spells in each book
Cost of creating a spell is dependent on the number of charges used and pages filled
Generally written in a magical beast’s blood or other magic storing ink
Vulnerable to water, fire, and pretty much every kind of damage

Curse Onus:

The Warlock gains spell casting powers by wearing cursed items
Attack and Damage bonuses are equal to the highest enchantment level of worn cursed gear
The Warlock gains +1 Spell Charge equal to the cumulative enchantment level of all curses
Divine, Fae, and other permanent curses increase Curse Onus bonuses
The effect of Warlock’s Bane does not increase the Curse Onus unless it is a Death Curse

Warlock’s Bane:

Any target affected by a warlock’s spell is cursed by a Warlock’s Bane for 24 hours
Only targets with a soul may be subject to a Warlock’s Bane
When any creature under the effects of a Warlock’s Bane is dealt damage, all creatures within 100’ that are also under a Warlock’s Bane suffer damage equal to the number of cursed creatures in the area
The Warlock gains 1 Temporary Health when an enemy dies from Warlock’s Bane damage up to a maximum of the Warlock’s Brawn Stat

Death Curse:

The slayer of a Warlock is automatically affected by a Warlock’s Bane
The duration of the curse increases if the Warlock felt animosity towards his attacker
If the warlock has a grudge and knows the name of his assailant, the Warlock’s Bane is permanent

Warlock Spells:

Imbue Warlock’s Bane
Curse a target by using a portion of their essence (hair, blood, teeth, etc…)
Charge Cost: 0
Effect: Regardless of distance from caster, the target is subject to all effects of the Warlock’s Bane
Range: Touch

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