Character skills are divided into five categories: Brawn, Finesse, Mentality, Glamor, and General

Statistic Skills:
Statistic categories receive a number of skill ranks equal to the relevant stat
Skill ranks may be distributed within a category as desired
Increases to a statistic correspond to skill rank increases within the statistic category

General Skills:
General skill points are received at each level starting with level 1
General skill points may be distributed across any of the five skill categories
General skill points are received at each level according to class:
3 General Skill Points: Soldiers, Knights, Druids, Shamans, Invokers, Mages, and Theurgists
4 General Skill Points: Brigands
5 General Skill Points: Jongleurs

Loric the Soldier has 3 Brawn, 4 Finesse, 2 Mentality, and 3 Glamor at level 1. He would have 3 Brawn skill points, 4 Finesse skill points, 2 Mentality skill points, and 3 Glamor skill points which must be placed within each stats corresponding skill category. Also, Loric will received 3 general skill points for being a soldier which may be placed in any skill desired.

At level 2, Loric gains statistic increases in Brawn and Finesse. He would now have 4 Brawn skill points, 5 Finesse skill points, 2 Mentality skill points, 3 Glamor skill points, and 6 general skill points.

Skill Advancement:
Skill rank may not exceed character level + 4 or a maximum of 15
Skills may not advance more than two ranks per level excluding first level
These restrictions reflect the time required to gain knowledge and learn new techniques

Brawn Skills Finesse Skills Mentality Skills Glamor Skills General Skills
Climb Acrobatics Knowledge1 Intuition Craft12
Endure Balance Linguistics13 Parlay Detection
Jump Purloin2 Medical Aid Perform
Swim Sneak Nature1 Swindle

1 These skills may be taken multiple times to study different skill sets
2 These skills can not be used until 5 skill points have been invested
3 Only 2 skill ranks are required to learn a new language at level 1

Skill Cooperation:
Characters may assist each other in performing a task
Half of an assisting character’s skill rank (MAX +5) may be applied as a cooperation bonus
Only one player performs the skill check die-roll

Skill Checks:
Skill checks are made by d20 + skill rank
Difficulty Descriptions

  • 5: Even an idiot should be able to do this
  • 10: A task simple enough that it is possible without training
  • 15: An untrained person might perform this task but a basic understanding is required to consistently succeed
  • 20: This corresponds to either mastery of basic techniques or the implementation of more advanced ones
  • 25: Expert level precision. Able to implement advanced techniques with regularity
  • 30: Only a master of a discipline will be able to accomplish this feat
  • 35: These are legendary feats that even a master would be hard-pressed to accomplish

Note: an average difficulty corresponds to difficulty level 10-15 + character level

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